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Klock's Bio

Things about Klock

-has a big degree from a fancy-pants university.
-wrote some books on superheroes and poetry like 10 years ago.
-Also essays on film, and TV and teaching.
-Spoke at the Met once.
-has done maybe 60 little presentations at academic conferences.
-got a 3000 dollar grant to study Kill Bill.
-made a crazy YouTube mash up of like 200 movie and TV clips quoting Hamlet that was viewed 25,000 times and featured on Slate.
-teaches mostly writing (ENG101 and 201), but also Old Brit Lit and Film, at BMCC in a tenure track position.
-rides a bicycle to get there.
-Next project is a two volume study of Matt Fraction's trippy spy comic book Casanova.
-is very good at Facebook and Twitter.
-his arm has a titanium plate in it.
-once shared a stage with Christopher Lloyd in a NYC production of Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

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