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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final Days Schedule: Updated

Things can be left in my mailbox until Friday Dec 21 at 5pm. After that I am not on campus till grades age due.

Here is where I will be:

Wed Dec 19th F1004 1pm - 150pm
Wed Dec 19th N711 inside N720 -- probably
Wed Dec 19th 6pm -745pm F1003
Thurs Dec 20th I will be in F1003 from 3-4pm.

I will have a break between 1-2pm and 5-6pm but basically Fri Dec 21st I will be in the Hudson Room all day in a grading session. If you need me I might be able to talk for 5 minutes or so.

101 finals will not be graded on these days but I expect all other papers will be and you can come and get your final grade (as much of it as I can give you) and make any arguments that it should be higher. If you missed a lot of class or did not do rewrites, I do not expect to be very sympathetic to wanting extra credit. Meeting at any of these times is optional, and your absence will not be counted against you, though if you do not come I will not want to hear much begging for a higher grade during winter break.

If you missed an in class essay you could make it up during one of these times.

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